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Shida Healthcare LTD, a specialist medical writing services company, has launched its services to provide high-quality medical education and medical promotion writing services to the medical industry.

Shida Healthcare works with medical professionals, health organisations, and the pharmaceutical industry to create medical education materials, research summaries, journal articles, patient information sheets, and promotional materials. The company is run by a team of experienced medical writers and editors, who have over 20 years of combined experience in the medical writing field. Thus, they can provide accurate and evidence-based content to meet the needs of each client.

The company is dedicated to providing top-quality writing services that are tailored to meet the needs of its clients. The team has access to a large database of medical resources and can research, write, and edit any medical document.

The team offers a range of services, including:

  • Medical Writing: Shida Healthcare offers medical writing services, including research summaries, journal articles, patient information sheets, creative copywriting, and promotional materials.
  • Medical Editing: The team offers medical editing services to ensure that documents are accurate, consistent, and up to date with the latest medical standards.
  • Medical Education: Shida Healthcare provides medical education services, including creating and delivering medical education courses for medical professionals.
  • Digital Services: The team offers a range of digital services including website design and copywriting, Search Engine Optimisation, and content marketing.


Shida Healthcare is committed to providing the highest quality medical writing services, and the team is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of its clients.

For more information about Shida Healthcare’s medical writing services, please visit their website at You may also email

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